Intellectual Property Law

Mr. Brindisi’s practice is specialized in intellectual property law, specifically patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and licensing.  This includes prosecution of patents and trademarks, opinions on validity and infringement, consulting and assistance on litigation, drafting and negotiation of IP-related agreements, and second opinions and ethics opinions for other IP attorneys.

Mr. Brindisi has focused on IP, and primarily patent law, throughout his career going back to 1994.  Having practiced as a patent litigator and a patent attorney before the Patent Office, Mr. Brindisi knows how to obtain strong patents for his clients, and how to find and exploit weaknesses in other parties’ patents.  Mr. Brindisi focuses on providing big firm value at reasonable prices, and has clients across the country and outside the U.S.

You are encouraged to look at the Key IP Primers on common basic IP questions.

From the Blog

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Within a couple decades or so advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) may cause mankind’s next revolution. In the meantime, AI is pervasively impacting numerous areas of technology and the economy. As businesses rush to exploit AI, protection of IP is a key concern –...